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Home on the Range - Our Wild Critter Photos

In Texas, the wild animals tend to act like wild animals. They are cautious around us humans and tend to keep their distance. I suppose this is because we hunt in Texas. Our California home is another matter. The wild animals have grown quite comfortable living close to humans and have added what we provide to their food sources. The deer eat our gardens, shrubs, and trees. The bobcats eat the ground critters that feast on our garden roots. The coyotes have added our pets to their menu. We have to watch out 10 pound dog because the coyotes show up at all hours of the day looking for her. We have given her the nickname "Coyote Bait." We wish PETA would talk to the coyotes and change their carnivorous ways. The upside to our coyote population is that there has been a dramtic increase in our quail population. The coyotes eat the cats who used to eat the quail. Maybe PETA could council them all.

This page presents pictures that I have taken around our Northern California home in the Bay Area. The pictures were taken with a special game camera that has normal and infrared flash capabilities. The camera is activatied via a motion sensor. The photos are annotated with time & weather data. As you can tell by the time-of-day, these critters are around us 24/7.


Two coyotes cavort on our garden steps in these three shots and then freeze to stare downhill at something that caught their attention.
Coyote on our North side hill very near to our house.
Bobcat heading up trail towards Indian Wells (a make believe place named by our granddaughter)
Mule deer showing his markings.
Deers on the run along our North side hills.
Bobcat again sitting on trail to Indian Wells ridge.
Mule deer heading up to Indian Wells ridge. He looks a bit tired.
Early morning activity.
Coyote on Indian Wells ridge sniffing along
Doe grazing on Indian Wells ridge.
I think this buck sensed the camera.
Almost cute