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Laguna Seca GT3 Track Day 2010

In September 2010, I got my first opportunity to drive at Laguna Seca. The track lived up to my high expectations although the famous corkscrew turned out to be less of a challenge than some of the other turns. A driver of a Porsche 911 Turbo and I had a chance to chat and compare torque curves on the track. We were both surprised to see my GT3 keep right up as we accelerated out of Turn 11 down the main straight. The Turbo showed its stuff by pulling away as we went uphill from Turn 5 after passing the sound sensor. At the end of the day, I felt pretty good about the Turn 9-10-11 segment and Turn 4 but I need a lot of work on Turns 5,6 and setting up for Turn 3. I look forward to a return trip. I wish I hadn't waited until I was 67 to try this.